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Snorkeling Bali Price – Are you planning to have your next vacation in Bali? If you are, you must not miss going snorkeling while holidaying in this island. Bali is a gorgeous place to visits. While you are in this island, you can visit unique temples, go to stunning beaches, and unique rice field. Moreover, you can enjoy many activities in this island, such as shopping, dining, hiking, surfing, diving, and, of course, snorkeling. Snorkeling in BaliBali has beautiful snorkeling spots. To enjoy the amazing underwater life of Balinese sea, you must book Snorkeling tour package. Snorkeling Bali price varies from one water sport tour agency to another. However, you don’t need to worry much about it. You can find affordable snorkeling tour package in affordable price. The price of this tour package also depends on the locations of the snorkeling spots. Here are some of the snorkeling locations that you can choose. Snorkeling Bali Price

– Padang BaiPadang Bai is a small coastal town in East Bali. It is not a popular resort. Most people visit this town because they need to catch boats to Lombok. They don’t notice that this small town has gorgeous snorkeling spots. Some of them are located at Blue Lagoon Beach. 

– Tulamben Tulamben is a fishing village that is located in north east Bali. This small village is pretty popular among divers because it has Liberty shipwreck. The shipwreck becomes the habitat of sea creatures. Many divers come to this diving spot because they want to see the US shipwreck. Aside from diving, you can also go snorkeling at this location.

– Tanjung BenoaTanjung Benoa is located near Kuta. It is the most popular water sport resort in this island. Numerous water sport enthusiasts visit this small town each year. They visit this place because they want to experience the adventure in Tanjung Benoa. Some of the water sport that you can do at this location are snorkeling, diving, and parasailing.How to choose Bali snorkeling tour package  There are many snorkeling tour agencies that offer you with snorkeling tour package. Not all of them provide you with similar features.

Therefore, you need to pay attention on what included in the package. Some of them are: 

– DurationSome snorkeling tour package offers two hours of snorkeling adventure. Others only offer an hour of snorkeling adventure. If a two-hour adventure is too overwhelming for you, you had better buy a package with one-hour duration. This particular snorkeling tour is also more affordable.

– Snorkeling equipmentsSnorkeling tour providers usually provides snorkeling equipments for the customers. In order to make your snorkeling adventure more enjoyable, you need to make sure that the snorkeling tour provider has high quality equipments that are clean and in good condition.

– InsuranceSnorkeling is a sport with high risk of accident. It is important that you are protected while doing this activity. Therefore, you need to purchase one that includes insurance.

– Pick up serviceCertain snorkeling tour provider offers you with free transport. They will pick you up from the hotel and take you back to the hotel. This convenience will surely make your adventure more enjoyable.

To make your snorkeling adventure more pleasant, you must equip yourself with the right gears. There are several essential things that you must bring along on this tour. Here are some of them.

– SunscreenIt is important to apply sunscreen before snorkeling. You may also need to apply it during or after the session. Therefore, your skin will not suffer from sun burns. 
– Shower gel, shampoo, and towelAfter going snorkeling, you need to clean yourself. Therefore, you must bring towel, shampoo, and shower gel.
– A change of clothes – Money 

Snorkeling Bali Price

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