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If you are craving to see exquisite underwater life and playing with fishes while happily swimming in calm and clear water, snorkeling Bali Menjangan Island is definitely the best answer. We all know that Bali is gifted with plenty of beautiful snorkeling spots and Menjangan Island is one of them. Even though this small island is less popular compared to other snorkeling locations in Bali like Nusa Penida Bay or Tulamben, this place can still be pretty crowded during high season.

Menjangan Island is a tiny island located about 5 miles to the north-west of Bali and it is a part of the West Bali National Park. The reason why Menjangan Island is sometimes overshadowed by other popular snorkeling spots is not because it is less attractive or less pretty than others. Discovery Channel even listed it as one of the best snorkeling spots in the world. It is mostly because the location of the island is separated from Bali’s main island and it takes about two or three hours to get there from Kuta.

As a matter of fact, Menjangan Island is unique and it has its own charm. The size of the island is approximately only 15 square miles and it is actually not inhabited. There are only less than 20 Hindu monks live in this island and the other inhabitants are wildlife. One of the most famous animals in Menjangan island is the island’s resident menjangan (deer), which is where the name of this island comes from. Besides snorkeling Bali Menjangan Island, the deer is the attraction of this place. If you are lucky, you can witness with your own eyes a pack of deer casually swimming in the sea.

Enjoy the Calm Water of Menjangan Island
Once you arrive at the island, you will be surprised with how serene and ethereal the place is. If you visit this place at holiday season, you might witness so many boats flocking in the sea and plenty of tourists trying to snorkel just like you. But you don’t have to worry about this. There are numerous spots for snorkeling Bali Menjangan Island. So, even though you might bump into some strangers underwater, you will still have plenty of space to explore and enjoy the serenity of the island.

The best thing about Menjangan Island is definitely its calm and clear water. You really don’t have to dive too deep to see the beautiful marine life underwater which makes this spot perfect for beginners. Snorkeling is actually pretty easy but going down into the sea can still be very scary if you are a first timer. So, if you really want to learn snorkeling, Menjangan Island is always here to welcome you.

The marine habitat of this island is the perfect definition of ethereal. There is a very shallow coral garden on a part closest to shore and this is the perfect spot to start your snorkeling journey. The corals in this area are amazing and if you dare to go a little bit deeper, you can find yourself being surrounded by various colorful fishes.

You can also go to another popular snorkeling site in this island that is called Kapal Budak. There is a shipwreck lied 33 meters down in this area that you can see if you are an advanced diver. If you want to stick to snorkeling, you can go to the Sandy Slopes which is famous for its beautiful eel garden. It is only four meters deep and thanks to the clear water, you can even see it clearly from the boat. Snorkeling Bali Menjangan Island can deliver so many great things for you. So, make sure you come here in your upcoming holiday.

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