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As we know that Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia which there are many tourist as well as domestic tourist and foreign tourist. There are many people who want visit Bali and spend their holiday together with family or friends. There are many things which make Bali can draw many tourists to spend their holiday, it’s because has great panoramic beach plus with many offers that can be enjoyed as well. One of the most popular activity is Bali snorkeling holiday.

One of beaches in Bali is Tanjung Benoa that offers you with incredible view and wide variety for water sport activities. Tanjung Benoa is beach that provides you with fun and exciting holiday activities to visit. Once you search for Tanjung Benoa, you will know that Tanjung Benoa beach is very famous with its beach. So, you should spend your great time out there when you are visiting Bali.

Tanjung Benoa beach as a perfect spot for water activities

Tanjung Benoa beach is safe, comfortable and give you incredible view which very suit for water sport activities. The corals are still natural, so the waves will break the rock before reaching the sore. This is also a reason why Tanjung Benoa was known by many people as the “shallow sea “and “deep sea”. There are many water sport activities in this place, such as: banana boat, scuba diving flying fist, seawalker, snorkeling, diving, parasailing and more activities are ready to amuse visitors. You do not have to worry because all of activities are safe and can be enjoyed by kids to adults as well. This is because all of water sport activities are included with insurance as well.

However, water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa beach also depending on tidal condition which had been known as “ pair of full moon” and “tidal pairs” by local people. Generally, water sport activities can be started from 09:00 or 11:00 a.m to 4 pm, once again this is depending on the tidal conditions.

Besides providing wide range of water sport activities, Tanjung Benoa also offers you to visit Penyu Island that is a breeding sport for rare animals. On Penyu Island, you also able to see ad learn about are animal such as: turtles, bird, snake and more. It will give you great experience and give you more information about rare animals as well.

Tanjung Benua beach is located in South Bali, close with Nusa Dua beach or Nusa Dua Bali tourist area. You can access it from Ngurah Rai Airpoty around 40-45 minutes to reach the location. The coastal coast of Tanjung Benoa is including of 7 environments or “banjar”, 6 of them are included in tanjung Benoa district.

Where you can get affordable waters sport package in Tanjung Benoa?

As mentioned before that Tanjung Benoa is the name of village in Bali. This name is so popular among visitors who like to get incredible water sport activities. It’s located in Nusa Dua area and provide you with water sport which can trigger your adrenaline. You can get affordable package in Tanjung Benua than you should go with each unit water sport that they had been offered. To book this water sport package, there two conditions: the package should consist at least 3 activities, such as: banana boat, jetski, parasailing and more. Then water sport package has minimum booking for 2 peoples. So, if you book just for 1 person, it cannot be proceed.

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